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Outside exhibition of equipments

If you need handling services (crane or forklift), contact our official handling forwarder: ESI at the following email address: emmanuel.pitchelu@group-esi.com or go to the "Delivery" section to complete the online quote request form.


Exhibition of outdoor equipment:

It is imperative to provide you with conveyor belts for the installation of mobile crawler units, excavators, or drills. For other materials such as BRH, buckets, please provide wooden or polymer plates to avoid damaging the asphalt. In the event of damage to the surfaces, the repairs will be entirely at your expense.


Please note that there will be no unloading and setting up of the equipment if you do not respect these ground protection instructions.

You will be held responsible for the damage caused by the installation of your equipment, and a repair invoice will be sent to you if necessary.

Any damage caused to a third party is your responsibility.

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