Mme Catherine TOLINI
Exhibitor service
  + 33 (0)1 60 94 22 29

Standard equipment

Included with your space booking


Supplied with your reservation of space: for stands lower than 18m ², an endowment is included for stands of more than 18m ² two endowments are provided.
The movable endowments are neither modifiable nor refundable. 


for example 9m² basic stand with furniture






Basic equipment 

Aluminum structures

Gray concrete melamine walls height 2m40

grey carpet

1 LED bar

1 stand sign sign 600mm X 400mm

1 single phase connection 1.5 KW (contact us for any particular request) Extension cords and multi-sockets not provided.



3 Chairs COQUES

1 Table Bahamas diameter 80

1 wastebasket



2 Lunch per day

1 parking space  :the parking space will be removed the day of installation, Tuesday, June 25 at the exhibitor's reception






Donwload technical file 


authorized fastening systems:
double sided tape
suspension (chain, rope, metal rod ...)


Any perforation of partition is prohibited and will be charged



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